Sunset Ave. Bridge

Sunset Ave. Bridge

Monday, June 13, 2016

June 6-10

Work on the bridge still continues. The work is done underneath the bridge. Orange fencing has been placed around Bridge Ave and Sunset Ave where minor works - like the fencing- needs to get done.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week May 30-June 3

The bridge opened and the work still continues. The construction walk way on the outside of the beams had to be removed. The holes were filled and sanded. Along the new bulkhead, the base of the fence was poured. Just an fyi, there used to be 2 porte-potties, now there is only one. So the crew is significantly smaller.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


 Lucky for me the bridge opened on Friday, May 27 and my flight from Guatemala came in   around midnight the on May 26. It was tough getting up early to see the crowds assembling at 8 am  with only 5 hours sleep but it was worth it! People from Ocean, Asbury Park, politicians and the crew were all here to see the bridge open to traffic. As promised, the bridge opened ON TIME! The crew worked through a lot of unforeseen problems to get the job done because of  their dedication, skill and talent, the job was completed on time. The new bridge is beautiful and the crew should be proud of a job well done! 

May 24-26

While I was away, my husband took photos of the black top being laid out, and the lines for traffic were painted.  This images were taken on an iPhone. 

May 16-23

While I was away on a residency to Guatemala, my husband Peter took this photos for me of the bridge. Here's a great guy and a hard working man - Arty telling me that the bridge will be paved this week and spend by next week. 

Here are the paving photos from Peter's iPhone. The sidewalks are all complete and the "black top" will go one.